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Map Details - "Control"

Map Name: Control rating:
Map Type: Single Player
Author: Rafal Klekowiecki |
Date added: 07-14-2012 (based on 2 ratings)
Description:no description from the author
Download: Control
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added on 14.07.2012added on 14.07.2012added on 14.07.2012

BME on 07-18-2012 comment
I didn't enjoy it that much; there's too much going on from the start. It's not really clear what to do or go to and it seems almost impossible to take cover.


cortex on 07-14-2012 comment
Pretty hard map. If you don't get cover right from the start you are dead meat. The design is a little bit boring. Textures have no shading and there are sometimes invisible walls that block your bullets.

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