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Map Details - "Mo Wang City"

Map Name: Mo Wang City rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Grandpa Moses |
Date added: 07-20-2012 (based on 2 ratings)
Description:Itīs a really hot Level with good Sounds, nice Secrets and lot of beautiful shadings. Iīm sure that you canīt find any Errors in using Textures. Itīs very fine to use it in ALL Modes (without CTF) But Note - Single Play and WangBang are with different GamePlays.
Some ways are closed if youīre playing Co-Op or as a single.
Download: Mo Wang City
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added on 20.07.2012added on 20.07.2012added on 20.07.2012added on 20.07.2012added on 20.07.2012added on 20.07.2012
added on 20.07.2012

methy on 03-29-2014 comment
The map doesn't look bad but it's nothing extraordinary either. There is one main problem with the map is how EVERYTHING you have to do in order to progress through the map is hidden, so it's a pain to play.

BME on 07-22-2012 comment
It's much better than the previous uploaded maps so far but it's still not the perfect map, it's not that immersive and some pretty cramped spaces to be found.

cortex on 07-20-2012 comment
Very nice map. The shading looks great. Was very fun to play.
I give a little penalty because the places where you find the keys are declared as secrets. Secrets should be bonus places and not be necessary to find to complete the map. Also it seems to me like some places where copied from duke nukem 3d.

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