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Map Details - "Sunrise"

Map Name: Sunrise rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Guzzle |
Date added: 07-23-2012 (based on 1 rating)
Description:Lo Wang is Tired and Spiritually Drained!
He needs some Rest and after travelling all night, he arrives at ancient mountaintop Monastery at sunrise, in order to meditate and reflect on the Four Ways...
Luckily this peaceful Buddhist temple has GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!!! This temple is as noisy and dangerous as the city.
Help Lo Wang return to the city and enjoy the pleasures of the teachings of Siddhartha by showing his foes what karma really is about.
Download: Sunrise
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added on 23.07.2012added on 23.07.2012added on 23.07.2012added on 23.07.2012added on 23.07.2012added on 23.07.2012

cortex on 07-23-2012 comment
This map really annoyed me
It is like a never ending trial and error run. Enemies shoot from behind walls or pictures where you can't see them. There are narrow corridors where you hardly can move and there you have to fight hordes of enemies. There were many texture fitting mistakes made.
The used shading and some constructions are okay.

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