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Map Details - "Piss Weak Map!"

Map Name: Piss Weak Map! rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Janson Stone |
Date added: 08-22-2012 (based on 1 rating)
Description:Ummm... your meditating in a cave on a 'secret island' when the bad guys find you and start shooting at you and are generally unpleasant towards you. So you kill all of them.
Download: Piss Weak Map!
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cortex on 08-22-2012 comment
It is incredible how gameplay is ruined by just making some sprites blocking. The trees and bushes are all blocking so it's quite annoying wasting the ammo when you try to shoot at a moving enemy behind it
The level design is simple and seems a little empty to me. The textures are a little bit boring, it's always the same.
I was stuck for a while at the large pit until I found out that you have to climb down and up at the other side using the vegetation at the rocks walls.
San on 02-10-2014
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