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Map Details - "Nightmare"

Map Name: Nightmare rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Jonathan C. Wu |
Date added: 08-28-2012 (based on 1 rating)
Description:This level is set in a "dream-like" environment, in other words, it is a "simulation" of a dream, therefore, always remember: NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!
Many things are more than they might seem to be. This level was very cool, and I enjoyed unlimited pleasure building it,
because I got to do things to this level that other people can not even dream about. (Of course, the "unlimited pleasure" came to an end when I found out that this level is full of bugs... Fixed them, but have been hating this level ever since... ) ;-)
Play it to see what I mean!!
Download: Nightmare
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Nemo on 10-19-2013 comment
Just a footnote here: I've uploaded a repaired version of this map "higher up" in the Database (see "Nitemare (Fixed Version)".)That revision eliminates critical errors that caused the player to become permanently stuck after the Sumo encounter. It also adds a subtle hint to help the player figure out how to reach the Sumo section to begin with.

Robman on 04-16-2013 comment
With Cortexs rating of 5, I will rate it a 4.5 as there is no 4.9 option. With a third rating of 5, we will be at the 4.9 rating I previously mentioned... PLAY THIS MAP!

Robman on 04-16-2013 comment
Well, I have no idea where to start here. This map truly is a NIGHTMARE! ... the actual map name is Nitemare due to the original DOS version of Shadow Warrior having a limit of 8 characters for map names (or else the maps won't load.) This is a very large map that is close to using up the limit for walls and sectors for the build engine. The author Jonathan C. Wu definitely has a strong grasp of how to make special effects with the Sw build engine.

To answer Cortexs question about getting stuck in the room with the gold key, once you grab the key and the room turns red, drop down to the lowest level and run over to the ladder, by the ladder you will find a small passage that was previously blocked before you grabbed the key, but unblocks afterward. Once you figure that out, you will be on your way to the next section which will leave you scratching your head once again, lol.

Even if this is your 1st..2nd..3rd..4th.. or 5th time playing this map, you will die... ALOT! it is very difficult but worth playing just to see what tricks Jon has in store for you around the next corner. I enjoyed that he threw in a few things in non-accessable areas that you have to "cheat" to get to.. such as writing on the wall, "Wuz up?" This map would be a challenge even with no monsters due to many sections leaving you confused as to what you have to do next to get to the next section. There are explosions in some rooms that leave the room collapsing around you as you sit there going " ummm, so... what do I do? ... when this happens just run out the way you came in! Don't just stand there as I did and watch it all come down, you will die.. lol.
I would rate this map a 4.9, the only penalties being that it is INCREDIBLY confusing on more than a handful of occasions and also in some of the outdoor sections he has used the same rocky-vine texture on all of the walls and it can look alittle plain. Other than that, this map is a must to download and play as Jon has put a lot of effort into it and contains a considerable amount of skill and imagination to create!

- Robman

cortex on 08-28-2012 comment
This map really pushes the engine to its limits! There are some amazing effects included.
I was stuck in the big room where I found the golden skeleton key and didn't find a way to continue. Anyone a tip?
So I did not finish the level and therefore not rate the map. But with what I saw so far I would give it a full score of 5.

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