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Map Details - "ProArena"

Map Name: ProArena rating:
Map Type: WangBang
Author: Robman |
Date added: 12-05-2012 (based on 2 ratings)
Description: Thankyou for downloading! - Wangbang only.

Map construction started in fall of 2011 and eventually dubbed "completed" on December 04 2012.(It wouldn't surpise me if I have up to 48 hours wrapped up in creation and testing.) I've tried to squeeze the limited number of tricks I know of with the Sw build editor into this map, Here are some examples:

- A complete spectator area surrounding the map for other players to view/record the current match - A bonus unlockable area that extends the map to allow for a greater number of players or altered gameplay
- Underwater area
- doors/elevators
- Ambience and sound fx
- shading
- A viewing monitor of the bonus area
- Teleports
- Ladders
- Rotating red armour(when in 3dmode) Courtesy of Maligned aka Unskilled.
- Jump pads that make the player jump higher to access upper levels
- Mirrors
- Multiplayer starting points
- Sector triggered fireballs
- Buttons/Switches
- Hundreds of skill testing jump combinations to be had.

-=To enter the spectator area, crouch and move through the wall under the golden dragon on the rail gun platform=-

The gameplay aspect I had in mind when creating ProArena was balanced 1 vs 1 "chess-like" action with the option of spectators. There are doors and hallway blocker/crushing block aswell as the ability to close the teleports in an effort to seal the 2 sides of the map off or open them up for a free flowing design, in other words - many ways to change things up. The bonus area is a modified version of my favorite map in the game, Master Leeps Temple.

Thanks to all who helped with the map, don't forget to visit Shadow Warrior Central! or - 2 URLS same great site.
Download: ProArena
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mxrtxn on 12-31-2013 comment
Just tested, I loved the spinning red armor voxel. How did he make a spining voxel?

The expectator area is cool as long that in the game a player doesn´t hide in it.

In a video I saw a modification of Master Leep´s Temple map with and expectator area. Is it yours,Robman?

Great map for 2-4 players, ideal for 4.
Robman on 01-03-2014
Glad you liked the map Martin :) There is a newer version of it on the SWC website. The voxel was placed on a spinning sector, if you look close where the armor and rail gun sit, you can see a small spinning sector directly underneath. The Spectator Leeps map was created by Maligned (Unskilled.) He created it back in the day and it got lost so he remade it and that is todays version.

Robman on 05-10-2013 comment
* Updated May 9 2013
- added flickering to the fire and cookie in the hallway.
- bunch of texture fixes.
- The gong now makes a noise if you hit it, and also tosses out a health pack ONCE.
- Buttons now make a sound and changed the look of the hallway blocker buttons.
- Changed the hanging pots of fire to hanging lanterns on the waterfall side.
- Updated map available at Shadow Warrior Central or

BME on 02-21-2013 comment
Solid map with many little places.
Texture usage is very good; shading and color make great contrasts.
This was the first SW map I played again in a long time and was a great test subject for SW Map Browser 1.0beta


Robman on 01-03-2013 comment
This is the complete version of the map .... the other Proarena entry in the map database is unfinished. On the Shadow Warrior Central website is an even MORE up to date version with some explosions added ... I did a poor job of trying not to keep different versions floating around, lol.

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