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Map Details - "SwWorld"

Map Name: SwWorld rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
Author: Robman |
Date added: 04-10-2013 (based on 1 rating)

Created By: Robman
April 10 2013

Thankyou for downloading and playing, Enjoy!

Lo Wang has been summoned back to his native land, a once peaceful world where the Shadow Warriors of the universe come to train in sanctuary. The evil Zilla has rebuilt since his previous defeat deep inside the volcanic mountain lair and returned with a relentless assault on Lo Wangs home world. Zilla now sits atop Master Leeps throne high in the clouds overlooking SwWorld while his demons search for Lo Wang and lay waste to everything in sight! With Master Leeps guidance from beyond the grave, can Lo Wang defeat Zilla once and for all before his world comes crumbling down?

This map was initially created as a way of getting used to using build again after many years. Construction started in 2008 and was going to simply be a wangbang map but evolved over time and became foremost a single player map however the door with the red key does not open in Wangbang mode thus keeping up to 8 wangbang players confined to the main body of the map which is plenty large enough for 8 players.
I would have continued to build more onto the map, however I've reached the limit for the number of walls allowed which is slightly over 8000. This map is also dangerously close to the limit for sectors allowed aswell. Needless to say it is a large map :)

The section in which you start off, is basically a section to get out your aggression and thirst for digital blood and gore. You are going to want to hop in the turret immediately and destroy as many enemies as you can before running across and grabbing the gold key + available items before you open the Gold Keyed Door which will lead you on the rest of the journy. You will need to get the red key to open the door under the waterfall which leads to the eventual ending. If you collect the 2 access cards ( Blue and Green ) which can be found in the main body of the map outdoors they will greatly help you in the end, when you are battling Zilla.

People who love to EXPLORE maps every nook and cranny will be rewarded, as there is lots to explore in this mystical place. So go ahead, bang the gong and leave no stone unturned as you journey through Shadow Warrior World!

- This map was dubbed "Completed" and uploaded for play on my birthday, a little present to myself :)

* If the map is loading without monsters, the difficulty setting needs to be on " Who Want Some Wang"

* Map is best enjoyed on a Port such as SWP or JonoF, it looks nicer and sprites don't clip as badly.

Don't forget to visit Shadow Warrior Central, or 2 URLS same great site!
Download: SwWorld
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Robman on 06-01-2015 comment
This map has had alot added to it since I uploaded it here. Newer version available at Shadow Warrior Central website.

Robman on 04-24-2013 comment
I'll post up 2 new screenshots tonight that will have arrows and text on them to be used as a "map" to help people out further.

Robman on 04-17-2013 comment
A blood player calling a shadow warrior map "surreal"... is well, surreal! Here's a little verbal walk through to relieve some, if any confusion. ... Step 1- kill all the enemies with the turret, run over, climb up and grab the gold key to unlock the gold keyed door. Step 2 - Make your way behind the waterfall and down the elevator to the area with the silver keyed door. Finding the silver key should be plenty easy. Once through the Silver keyed door it opens you up to the main outdoor portion of the map. There is a wooden fortress up top that contains a RED button which opens a RED cabinet found up high in the trees. The fortress doors are only opened by the button found in the RED lava room ( sensing a trend here ?) which needs to be exploded open to gain entry. Once you have the RED key you will need to find the RED keyed door, which is located behind an explodable wall under one of the 4 waterfalls. Before you go through the RED keyed door, it would be wise to find the blue and green access cards which open cabinets containing health and ammo when you are battling Zilla at the end of the map. Here is a hint... one access card is located up high... and one is down low. After you proceed through the RED keyed door under the waterfall, there are no more keys to grab or doors to unlock, simply a series of sections to play through that is quite linear and shouldn't confuse people. This map was not intended to be confusing, however it was not meant to be beaten in 5 minutes either, but rather explored. The map is best played using a Port such as SWP or JonoF as they offer much higher resolutions and sprites do not clip as easily. Unless you don't have windows I'm not sure why people would even use the dos/dosbox version nowadays anyways as it is UGLY and the mouse movement is restrictive. The ports offer a huge number of improvements. I was also under the impression it was a good idea to complete a map before rating, but that's just me :) Anywho, thanks again for downloading and giving it a try. Also, yes I have stretched a few textures to make them look better + the outdoor section of the map is large and complex.. you do need a decent computer to run this map smoothly.
BME on 04-23-2013
Well yes, Blood is also surreal but I just can't seem to get used to the bright and colorful textures in SW I guess.
But thanks for the walkthrough, I shall give it another try!

BME on 04-16-2013 comment
I have played it a bit and I must say it's kinda confusing and also a bit too surreal. The area with the waterfall tunnel is slowing down DOSBox a lot (but I guess it's made on/for the windows port so that's understandable). I must say it stays true to the original SW style. As a not that great SW fan I would give it a 4/5

Robman on 04-15-2013 comment
Has anyone played the map through to the end? If you want to explore the map without being shot at, either kill all the enemies(as they don't respawn) or just load the map up without monsters. I predict most people will die many times before they get a handle on the way the map is played. I can make it through without dying but then again I created it, but there is plenty of fortune cookies/ health and weapons. I am aware of probably every little bug and misaligned texture as I know there are some but they aren't greatly noticeable. Anyway lets hear some feedback, did you Enjoy or hate it? let's hear! The map certainly came in handy for learning the build editor for sw better.

Robman on 04-10-2013 comment
The description got spaced out all funky... ah well.

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