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Map Details - "The Edge(q2dm1)"

Map Name: The Edge(q2dm1) rating:
Map Type: WangBang
Author: Robman |
Date added: 05-13-2013 (based on 1 rating)
Description: The Edge (q2dm1)

By: Robman
Completed May 12 2013

Anyone that remembers "The Edge" q2dm1 from Quake 2 will know just know just how reasonably epic this map was and is. It has been remade for most of the quake games. Well here is my version of it built from scratch
(like all my maps). I created it from memory and 1 screenshot of the original q2 map. I tried to give this map that "quake" feel and hopefully even better gameplay. The cookies where the "megahealth" is take quite a bit longer to respawn to give it that random spawning effect that the mega health had in quake 2. Most Weapons and ammo/ health are located where they should be, I have even implemented some of the "double Jumps" you used to be able to do in q2 but only in areas where you can't "cheat" with them. By pressing the open key on these areas you will jump a bit higher simulating a double jump. You can even make it from the upper Rocket launcher to the rocket ammo in the outside section using this effect (if you're good enough :) There are the full 8 multiplayer respawn points and I've tried to place them in the proper spots as the original. One of the elevators is "quake style" and just could be one of the coolest elevators created in a build game but that's for you to decide :) .. I'd say this map took about 24 solid hours of creation and testing so enjoy!

Be sure to check out Shadow Warrior Central or 2 URLs same great site!
Download: The Edge(q2dm1)
(downloaded 1482 times)
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BME on 05-02-2015 comment
Why don't you convert this map to Blood and retexture it and then release it at ;the other side'. I'm 100% it will be highly appreciated and if you do I'll give you a 5/5 straight away!
Robman on 06-01-2015
I load up mapedit to work on the conversion to blood but I'm so unfamiliar with Blood's texture set that it will take aloooong time. Build time has been consumed with the Shadow Warrior add-on I'm making.

Robman on 02-13-2014 comment
Recently I made some small tweaks to the file on the sw central website. The improvements have moved the map even closer to a joygasm.

Robman on 05-18-2013 comment
.. yeah the sprites. That's one of the main reasons I recommend using SWP because I tend to build alot of platforms and structures out of them and due to the nature of the BUILD engine they do have a tendency to "clip" even when lined up perfectly. So we'll blame that on the build engine itself. Anyway this little issue seems to be much less when using a port such as SWP. This map would be very hard to accurately recreate using Sector over Sector, some of the platforms my not have even been possible like the main middle area for instance. I can only guess though as I haven't really tackled sector over sector, it is quite complicated, or seems to be. Perhaps someday. Thanks again, I did try to do a decent job of capturing the q2dm1 feel and gameplay. Now it just needs people to play it!
BME on 05-25-2013
sprite glitches occur when there's a vertex next to them so it's always best to use straight white walls.
BME on 05-25-2013
But in case of this map it was not possible of course or the map would not 1:1 :)

Robman on 05-15-2013 comment
wow! thankyou for the good score, you are too kind good Sir. It's not a super "pretty" map ... but it wasn't supposed to be as quake 2 is not a "pretty" game, lol. I tried to get the map as close to the original as I could without driving myself crazy and I think it came out pretty well and the awesome q2dm1 gameplay still well intact. Thanks again. - Rob
BME on 05-18-2013
Well, it is very well crafted and I like this (and the original) DM map very much. It almost seems as if this was done with a converter, it looks that good. The elevator and some other sprites floors had some glitches so perhaps I should've given a 4.5/5 but it's too late for that now ;)
Robman on 06-01-2015
That sprite elevator has been completely fixed in the newer version of this map available at Shadow Warrior Central or on the Sw steam workshop.

BME on 05-14-2013 comment
Very well done remake of still one of the coolest Q2 DM maps.
And it also worked very smooth in DOSBox btw


Robman on 05-13-2013 comment
Use SWP port rather than the original Sw Dos/box version. SWP is the modern day way to play shadow warrior.

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