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Map Details - "Eagle"

Map Name: Eagle rating:
Map Type: WangBang
Author: Robman |
Date added: 06-22-2013 (based on 1 rating)
By: Robman
Completed June 21 2013
WangBang only

The only thing I had in mind when I started building was to make a smaller map for balanced/skillful gameplay.
Approx. 20hrs of creation and testing however this map has not been tested in multiplayer yet but I'm pretty confident the flow and weapon placement has been well thought-out.

Veterans of Shadow warrior will enjoy the multitude of jump combinations possible, the whole map flows very well. I also tossed in my favorite style of doors to use in multiplayer( the same style as the Leeps courtyard doors). I don't feel the need to add anything else to this map as I feel it's in good shape and anything else will just clutter it. Did I mention there is an Eagle soaring around in the sky ? It's worth the download simply to watch the eagle fly around, But I'm betting it will be big time fun multiplay. ENJOY!
Download: Eagle
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Robman on 09-12-2013 comment
Well, I hadn't wangbang tested this map before sending it out, the leeps style double door outside only half opens due to one of the sect_rotator sprites having a bool 4 value of 1, which means it doesn't operate in wangbang mode... so I've fixed that in both versions, Eagle and Eaglepoo. Updated map available at SWC.

BME on 06-27-2013 comment
A items pooping eagle? I gotta see that!

Robman on 06-28-2013
Well I\\\'ve had 2 people ask for the \\\"eaglepoo\\\" version, and in the sw community, that\\\'s alot of people! lol. Over @ Shadow Warrior Central I put up both versions for download and a quick eaglepoo version video for laughs :)

BME on 06-28-2013
Strange, I didn't see anything happening.
BME on 06-28-2013
Got it now

Robman on 06-25-2013 comment
I guess there is a sector in the sky that was 1-tick too bright that shows up in the dosbox version but not SWP. Fixed the 2 previously mention texture taboos aswell. Updated version is @ SWC.

Robman on 06-23-2013 comment
Found a slightly stretched texture on the jumppad outside and a stone texture when it should be wood, on the wood that is on fire. I tinkered with the eagle alittle more and had him poop out some goodies, even with a poop noise, lol ! I might include that in the slightly more polished version available at SWC, It seems I always upload the map here and then find a few small things to tweak, Don't get me wrong this version that is uploaded here is still just fine, the small things I'd polish up are barely noticeable and you'd pretty much have to be looking for them.. In the heat of a Wangbang game you wouldn't even notice. I wish I could update map versions of my maps when I'm logged in .. possibly a feature that could be added in ?
BME on 06-27-2013
The possibility of updating your own maps would indeed be a cool options. And besides that; perhaps uploading screen shots could also be made more easier? I mean, now you only can upload just 1 at a time and you need to click "upload another" while there's already a choice for the user to go to the map while the upload entry field is shown, perhaps the step to the confirmation part can be skipped to save clicks?

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