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Map Details - "Matrix"

Map Name: Matrix rating:
Map Type: Single Player
Author: Robman | Fumblerooskie!
Date added: 01-08-2014 (based on 1 rating)

The Matrix

By: Robman
Completed: January 7 2014

Here is a Singleplayer and co-op map with a theme from The Matrix movies. There is some new art and 1 additional sound, but it's the mortal kombat music reused. Build time has been 6 months on and off.

Essentially the map is scenes from the movie strung together with obstacles to overcome.

You start off at the choice of the red pill/blue pill scene and quickly cut to a map intro before dropping into Neos chamber in the Nebuchadnezzar, you have entered, the realm of the real.

Now that you are awake and onboard the ship, you can get out of your quarters and explore the ship. Press space on everything and explore every inch, there is much more to the ship than meets the eye.

After fully exploring the ship it's time to Jack into the Matrix. Hop into the chair, it's already pre-set for the Dojo program which will then lead you to the jump program. Following your battle in the dojo you are going to want to leap from building to building.. it should be pretty obvious. Get to the phone and prepare for the next scence.
Next you will jump into the weapons program to get loaded up on fire power before quickly heading into the big rig car chase scene. Here you have to jump from the big truck to the speedy red car just in time before the big truck has a head on collision with a bus. Once you've come to a stop in the little red car, simply walk over the front of the car (dont touch the ground, you'll die) and under the over pass to be zapped to your next scene which is an intense battle... good luck from there :)

* - Extra cool points if you can jump off the truck onto the orange van and get the cookie + kill the spawning baddie, before you miss being able to jump onto the red car as it speeds by.(Yes there is 2 ways to complete that section, jumping from the truck to the car is the standard way.)

*- You can speed run it or explore it. If you Jack into the Matrix without first finding the Shotgun, Armour, Rocket Launcher or Uzi, you haven't fully explored the ship.

*- Keep all the files in the same folder you put the map in.

*- Make sure the difficulty is set on #3 - Who want some wang, no monsters will spawn otherwise.

*- Follow the white rabbit!

*- Thanks for playing and ENJOY!

Features Included:

Travelling vehicles
Lo Wang talk.
Timing Vators
Excessive vator use :)
laser firing turret
keys/locked doors
simulated sector over sector
spawning actors/sprites
flushing toilet
a sink that fills and drains.
doorway teleport/video screen trick.
Jump Pad ( jump extra high )
Vehicle chase and crash scene.
subway snake battle.
added art
moveable objects
toaster that pops
opening shortcut teleport for coop use.
Bug exploit mode. ( hidden )
Return to ship option in jump program.( hidden )
sector effects

+ much more

* -the art file is a alittle larger than it needs to be simply because it contains doubles of textures already in the game and I don't want to go through them all and delete them :O

* - It's time to put the map up for download because if I work on it any longer I just might go loco !

Visit Shadow Warrior Central or 2 URLS same great site.
Download: Matrix
(downloaded 471 times)
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Robman on 03-04-2014 comment
For SWP the art and voc files only need to be in the same folder as the map itself. For SwDOS the extra files need to be in the main folder.

Robman on 01-11-2014 comment
Really, I should have made the map longer but counted on folks exploring the ship fully first. The grate in the dark room opens. There is a shootable button in the medkit cabinet. Considered calling this a beta but ultimately it was in the works on and off for so long I got tired of working on it for now and put it up for dl. Uzi on the fridge.. Some entertainment down at ground level in the jump program although it's just for kicks. You can touch the ground in the car chase scene if you play it in "bug mode" if you have found that. Did you find the explodeable that reveals the map maker ? hehe

Radar on 01-08-2014 comment
Best map ever
Robman on 01-09-2014
oh Radar, if only I didn't think that was sarcasm coming from you, hehe

BME on 01-08-2014 comment
This map surely has some interesting features, nice concept too, and with the highres pack it looks great!

Robman on 01-08-2014
Thankyou BME :) ... it still says downloaded 0 times ? ... the screenshots are of SWP not using the High res pack.
Robman on 01-08-2014
I'll put a few screenshots up of the HRP.

Robman on 01-08-2014 comment
Just tried it with the high resolution pack... it enhances every scene 2x easily, especially the jump program and subway battle.

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