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Map Details - "LEDGES"

Map Name: LEDGES rating:
Map Type: WangBang
not rated
Author: Noldor Ranzou
Date added: 01-14-2014 (based on 0 ratings)
Description:This is the classic Ledges map from Duke Nukem converted to Shadow Warrior. It is a great map to play it with 4 players. Noldor did a great job converting the map... By the way I am not Noldor, just a friend sharing his map.

As Lo Wang is bigger than Duke, you can strafe jump to the missiles plataform, unlike if your were playing it in Duke Nukem adding more difficult when chansing the opponent.

Download: LEDGES
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added on 14.01.2014added on 14.01.2014added on 14.01.2014added on 14.01.2014added on 14.01.2014

Robman on 02-04-2014 comment
A good conversion of the original map for duke. By no means a complicated or time consuming map to build. Looks like it would be fun to have a game in here, although I hate falling to my death in multiplayer matches, hehe

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