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Map Details - "Shadow"

Map Name: Shadow rating:
Map Type: Single Player, WangBang
not rated
Author: 3dr & Robman
Date added: 04-22-2014 (based on 0 ratings)
Description:I've begun the task of finishing and converting maps from the leaked Sw beta v.90 to function with the retail v1.2 & SWP.
Took about 10 hrs to get this map to where I wanted it. Anyway here is the first to be converted.

converted by: Robman(April 2014)
Download: Shadow
(downloaded 1531 times)
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added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014
added on 22.04.2014added on 22.04.2014

Maz on 11-30-2014 comment
Is this one map or many from the alpha?
Robman on 11-30-2014

This is just 1 map. Have not gotten to the other maps from the beta, time has been consumed with work on the SW add-on I'm working on + real life.
Maz on 12-01-2014
Ha i hear that, i start a new job tomorrow so less time to work on maps.

I recently finished a similar project of making a lost episode for blood. If your interested we could work together on the same type of thing for sw. I realized i missed alot of things when play testing those maps probably because i went at it alone. We could probably get a lot done as a team. My email is if ur interested.
Robman on 12-02-2014
Right on, nice to see more build mappers :) ... The beta stuff is on the back burner for me at the present time however if you wanted to make a map for the sw add-on I'm putting together you'd be more than welcome.

Robman on 04-25-2014 comment
hmmm, must be a bug left over from the original version. I hadn't had any issues though but I'll have a look.
Robman on 05-18-2014
I've looked at it a few times, I can't see any overlapping sectors. The map works for me and is confirmed working for others. Admittedly sometimes when you die in swp and hit space the it will drop from the game but I just figured that to be a SWP quirk. I'll just leave it for now.

Sir Seizhak on 04-24-2014 comment
I get an error (overlap sector)in the pond with KOIs

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