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Map Details - "Hochburg"

Map Name: Hochburg rating:
Map Type: WangBang
not rated
Author: Noldor Ranzou |
Date added: 09-26-2015 (based on 0 ratings)
Description:Hochburg means 'Stronghold' or 'Fortress' in German.
It's some sort of small fortress/japanese castle interior,
as the title implies. The map has Room over Room areas, a floating sprite platform to cross a lava pit, among other things.

The map has everything available with the exception of the Nuke missile.

The ideal player load would be 3 or 4 players in my opinion.

You can watch an online match on this map right here:
Download: Hochburg
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Robman on 09-27-2015 comment
Pretty cool map, I like the lighting/shadows. I haven't played it in multiplayer to know how the balance/gameplay works out but it reminds me of a quake 2 or 3 style layout.

The critical side of me wants to mention that some flickering lighting could have been used in the lighted areas by fire.(Hi-tag 108.) The mud bubble ambiance can be used for the lava to sound like it's bubbling. The grate sprite platform by the stacked red portals could have sides and a bottom to look more 3d and the shimmering portal texture could be sized smaller but the last one is more just a preference. Again I liked the RoR use, lighting and layout. Nice to see a fresh sw map!

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