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Map Details - "Dojo Utopia"

Map Name: Dojo Utopia rating:
Map Type: WangBang
not rated
Author: Fernando Márquez |
Date added: 09-26-2015 (based on 0 ratings)
Description:A dojo house within a quiet outdoors area. One area contains pools of water and the other has a volcanic rupture.
Download: Dojo Utopia
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added on 26.09.2015added on 26.09.2015added on 26.09.2015added on 26.09.2015added on 26.09.2015added on 26.09.2015

Fernando Márquez on 09-28-2015 comment
Thank you very much for your comment, Rob.

I've been following your stances in Duke4 a few times, and you seem to be the only SW player showing big interest.

I have 8 maps made for SW I will post in a weekly basis. Hope you like them as they are posted here.
Robman on 09-29-2015
I look forward to seeing your new maps!

Should stop by the Shadow Warrior Central Forum
and make a thread in the build section to talk about them.

Robman on 09-27-2015 comment
Feels like a cross between Leep's temple and House of wang. Has a stock feel to it and seems like it would have a balanced sort of multiplayer feel. Nice ambience use and good lighting. A gripe I might have is that you need to push the button to open the big doors and that the doors seem alittle thick. A relatively simple/balanced map with a stock feel to it. Cool stuff :)

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