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Map Details - "Lights Out!"

Map Name: Lights Out! rating:
Map Type: WangBang
Author: Noldor Ranzou |
Date added: 10-04-2015 (based on 1 rating)
Description:This map consists of a small warehouse with crates to hide and sprite ledges to walk above. The special feature this map offer is that the whole lights will go on and off every one minute. In order to survive, you will need to grab as soon as you can the nightvision while traversing and fighting your way through the darkness.
Download: Lights Out!
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added on 04.10.2015added on 04.10.2015added on 04.10.2015added on 04.10.2015added on 04.10.2015

Noldor Ranzou on 10-05-2015 comment
It's hard, I know. The only way to play in the darkness is to find the nightvision so that way you can spot the other players.
BME on 10-15-2015
Nice map concept though.

Robman on 10-05-2015 comment
Looks like it would be a fun frag map. I liked the panning floors along the outsides of the map but I got confused when the lights went out and I couldn't see, lol.
BME on 10-15-2015
It's not getting completely dark though, I could at least see some outlines in contrast to the ceiling.

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