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Map Details - "Forest Of Solitude"

Map Name: Forest Of Solitude rating:
Map Type: WangBang
not rated
Author: Fernando Márquez |
Date added: 10-31-2015 (based on 0 ratings)
Description:Two small symetric temple areas and two flag bases. A central dojo area separates the level and each side is separated by an erected wall.
Download: Forest Of Solitude
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added on 31.10.2015added on 31.10.2015added on 31.10.2015added on 31.10.2015added on 31.10.2015added on 31.10.2015

Robman on 11-01-2015 comment
Seems like it would be a back and forth battle, quite linear. How have you liked making Sw maps? I should add that I've created a new section over at SWC for maps made after 2010. Also, let's see some singleplay maps! I'm curious as to what you guys would come up with. With not alot of Sw online games going on at the moment, it's cool to play some single player maps.
Fernando Márquez on 11-01-2015
I honestly didn't think I would actually enjoy mapping for Blood and Shadow Warrior. It was really entertaining to make maps for both games.

And as I said a few days ago, if everything in university goes well for me, a 4-level episode for SW will be made, as well as a 8-level Blood episode.

Fernando Márquez on 10-31-2015 comment
Well, this is the last SW regular map I've made.

The last two maps will follow next week and are extra (outside the regular batch) and curiosities.

By the way, can anyone add (CTF) to the title? I forgot to put it in the name. Thank you.

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